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Nov 27, 2009 11:00am EST
found cranberry sauce. and then a brisk work out on the stationary bike for the desserts. >>> america's diabetes epidemic may basketball to get worse. researchers at the university of chicago say the number of diabetes cases in the u.s. may double in the next 25 years from 23 million to 44 million. that would nearly triple the costs associated with the disease. there is some good news, though. experts predict obesity levels will plateau in the next decade and then decline. they expect 1 in 4 americans to be obese. >>> and in saudi arabia, they have a closess of gathering have precautions. anybody testing for swine flu is sent straight to a special hospital. sanitation teams are disinfecting the great mosques. they are looking to see if the virus mutates into something more deadly. >> it's something we watch carefully. we have a few drugs we can use. we want to have drugs that could treat ill people. >> only four deaths attributed to the virus, but the real total won't be known until pilgrims are back in their own countries. >>> the dow has been down more than 200 points in early going
Nov 6, 2009 11:00am EST
are moving in the right direction, and i won't rest until america prospers ones again. thank you, everybody. >> the president with a brief statement as youeard about the loss of life in ft. hood, and about the economy and the measure he signed today. before we get off the air we want to check in with lester hold that travelled overnight afterward of the tragedy is at the main gate at the post there in ft. hood in texas. a very, very painful second straight day there in the post. >> reporter: this act was seen as many as an act of beayal, because it was perpetrated by one of their own. the picture of nidal malik hasan that emerged is a picture of a man growing distraught at the prospect of being shipped out to iraq. he was giving away things to a neighbor and told her he was being shipped out to iraq. and he talked to her about being fearful about being shipped off. officials will confirm he did receive overseas deployment orders, but they are not speculating on the motive, and clearly taking the lead of the president where he said there should be nobody jumping to conclusions right now. 28
Nov 11, 2009 11:00am EST
the rain and chills to pay respect to america's veterans. with so many men and women in harm's way in iraq and afghanistan, the day is all the more important. >> reporter: i pray for them every day. >> they are our brothers. >> they are a little younger than we are, but they are our brothers. >> reporter: you are looking live at the color guard from ft. brag. despite the bad weather, still a good crowd out here. many people going to the various memorials, and not just this one, to pay their respect to american veterans. back to you, joe. >> megan mcgrath, reporting live. thank you very much. >>> a marine from the washington area has been killed in afghanistan. he died on saturday while conducting combat operations. he was a member of the marine corps special forces. he was six years old. >>> there is a lot to think about this veterans day as a number of wounded u.s. soldiers coming home from afghanistan continues to swell. at least 1,800 groups were wounded in the first ten months of this year, and 1,000 of the injuries came during the last three months. and those injuries include am beau
Nov 17, 2009 11:00am EST
. it's so important for us to do this, because there are so many of america's sons and daughters out there fighting the good fight. >> he gave the school a flag that flew over the war zones he was in. he is now back on the bench in superior court. >>> a cruise ship was returning from a voyage around the an arctic. most of the british citizens are on it. the ship should be able to break free and the ice and return to port. the tourists are using the unplanned stop to tour the surrounding area. >> i bet they are. 11:38 is the time. time to look at the day's weather. >>> we had a cooler morning than yesterday. it will be a cooler day ase have a east-northeasterly breeze bringing in some of the cooler air off the bay where the bay water temperatures right now are in the low 50s. in annapolis, they are at 53. the waters are into the mid and upper 50s in a few locations. we have clouds rolling in that will be with us from time to time. the clouds will thicken up as we get into the overnight hours. for the rest of the afternoon, it be cloudy and cool. then overnight tonight we will have the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4